Je Choi Khanom Jeen เจ๊เฉย ขนมจีน

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I was heading to the food night market on Soi Petchaburi 5 in Bangkok. It was a rainy evening and I’ve been leaping from one shelter to another, in what might have been seen by others as a weird attempt to dodge the raindrops.

Here’s a good one I thought as I was squeezing under an awning of a corner shop. The rain got heavier and I realized that I’m stuck until further notice. Just then an impressive spread of herbs and veggies had caught my attention.

It was set like a street bar table with a few stools, facing a collapsible sliding grille. It was a bit dark and the place seemed abandoned, but all of a sudden a lady with a plastic bowl grabbed one of the chairs and made herself comfortable. She immediately said you have to try the food. I wasn’t listening at first and instead tried to impress her with my knowledge of Thai herbs. Try the noodles she said persistently. Now I was listening and becoming curious. What is it I asked and she replied ‘Kanom Jeen’.

‘Khanom Jeen’ is a fave, so I went peeking at the street facing tiny restaurant. The lovely owner had explained the few available options and I picked ‘Khanom Jeen Gaeng Kiaw Wan’, rice noodles with green curry.
Ten seconds later I was heading to the bar table and set to eat my noodles. They were just wonderful and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find that place, which had quickly filled up with many more diners and people that have taken the delicious noodles to go.

Looking forward to get back there again.

Address: The corner of Petchaburi Road and Soi Petchaburi 10, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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