I have a distant memory, from back when I was a very young kid. It was a rainy Saturday and our parents decided to go on a road trip. At some point they had made a spontaneous decision to pay a visit to Josef, their farmer friend. Joe took us to a tour of the farm and at some point stopped next to a pomelo orchard. Joe got out of the car and when he came back he gave us a bag full of huge beautiful pomelos. It was the first time I had seen a pomelo and possibly the first time I witnessed the picking of fresh fruits.

Pomelo is the largest citrus and historically a naturally occurring species identified as the ancestor of grapefruit. It has originated from southeast Asia and considered a popular fruit in the region. In Thailand pomelos are eaten raw as fruits and are also the main ingredient in a salad named after the fruit, ‘Yum Som O‘. The cultivar commonly found in Thailand is the white or pale yellow pulp one. The more common in the US red pomelos, are adequate substitute, although I prefer the white cultivar both for its taste and the firmer texture.

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