G’day! I like Sydney a lot. In my latest visit I went to check out the Thai town area which is a smaller section within Sydney’s Chinatown. The ares is not really signed but can be identified thanks to the higher presence of Thai businesses and especially restaurants.

I’ve chosen a contemporary Thai Isan restaurant called Boon Cafe. The restaurant is really pleasant and serves both as a grocery, a cafe and a restaurant.

I really liked the fruit and vegetables room, which the ambience of market stall and serves as both a vegetable store and a pantry for the restaurant.

The food was great, I especially enjoyed the Gaeng Hed Ruam which is a soupy mushroom curry from Isan with clean flavors of peppered broth and dill a common herb fr the region (also known as Pak Chi Lao or Laotian coriander). The Nam Prik was the perfect condiment to deep the sticky rice in. I’ve concluded the evening with a desert (khanom) from a nearby shop.

Gaeng Hed Ruam

Address: 1/425 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

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