Jackfruit ‘Khanun’ in Thai is the largest tree born fruit on the planet. They can weigh up to 120 lb. or 55 kg, although the average fruit you would find in the market is probably closer to 15-20 lb. The fruit is actually a multi-fruit comprising of hundreds of florets in a cluster that develop into fruity pods, somewhat similar to pineapples.

Ripe jackfruit has a very fruity tropical scent and tastes as a cross between pineapple and banana. The flavor is just amazing and the texture is a bit chewy in a good way.

Jackfruit is also eaten unripe in Thailand, as a vegetable in curries, salads and more. The unripe fruit is an important ingredients for plant based dishes as it may be used as a good meat substitute, like in this stir-fry dish. You may find the unripe fruit in your area in Asian groceries canned or less likely fresh. I’ve had a good experience with the Aroy-D brand of canned jackfruit.
The seeds of jackfruit are also edible and can be roasted like chestnuts which they resemble in flavor too.

‘Tum Khanun’ a northern jackfruit salad

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