I’ve written about the santol fruit and how great it is. As much as it is an awesome fruit to simply eat fresh, the salad made during the santol season ‘Tum Kraton’ is a real treat.

Pounding ingredients into a dish is a cooking method almost a philosophy in Thailand. Some of the best salads are produced in this way. At the center of ‘Tum Kraton’ is the santol fruit, as the name suggests. The fruit is pounded with garlic, fresh chilies, palm sugar, lime juice, fish sauce or light soy, tomatoes, yardlong beans and peanuts.

A visit to the always fun, ‘Or Tor Kor’ market in Bangkok presented an opportunity to have this wonderful salad. The vendor skillfully sliced the fruit and seasoned the salad. The perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour and highly spicy just does it for me any day.

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