Turmeric ‘Khamin’ in Thai, is another famous member of the ginger family. The fresh rhizomes are the part used most commonly. The dried powder is less common and is not interchangeable with the fresh.

There are a few varieties of turmeric, the ones used more commonly are the orange/red and white. Red (Curcuma longa) is common in southern Thai cuisine in curries, soups, grill dishes and more. It is also used in northern cuisine in curries of Indian and Muslim origins, namely ‘Gaeng Khao Soi’ and ‘Ganeg Hang Le‘.

The white turmeric variety (Curcuma zedoaria) ‘Khamin Khao’ is very different in flavor and in the way it is used in cooking. It has an aroma of an unripe mango and is often used in salads and in relishes ‘Prik’.

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