One of the best ways to have green curry, is on top of ‘Khanom Jeen’ noodles, ขนมจีนแกงเขียวหวาน. The soft noodles and the often soupy curry make a wonderful slurpy match. In this plant-based recipe, I used Thai eggplant and fresh bamboo shoots, but you may choose a different variety of green and white vegetables of your liking.


Center wok:


  • Filtered water
  • Kelp (seaweed)
  • Dry shiitake mushrooms

Curry paste:


1.Make a stock of kelp and dried shiitake mushrooms. The kelp and mushrooms contribute to a deeper umami flavor that compensates for the absence of fish sauce and shrimp paste. Optionally for a simple quicker version, you may use water.

2.Wash, slice, and pound the fresh paste ingredients in a mortar and pestle, adding them one by one. Dry roast, grind, and add the dry spices. Keep pounding until it turns into a fine creamy paste and smells homogeneous.

3.Add coconut cream to the center wok and fry the curry paste on medium heat for a few minutes. Keep adding small quantities of coconut cream while stirring the paste to ensure it is evenly fried. When the oil separates from the paste add a little bit of the stock or water and let the oil float atop. Gradually add the thinner coconut milk and small quantities of the stock or water to keep the curry moist and not too thick and oily. Bring to a gentle boil.
Season with light soy and a little bit of coconut sugar. Taste and adjust to reach a nice balance of salty and mild sweetness.

4.Add makrut lime leaves, eggplants, and bamboo shoots. Cook on low heat to soften the eggplant. Turn off the heat and stir in a handful of Thai basil leaves.

5.Place a bundle of ‘Khanom Jeen’ noodles at the center of a bowl or a serving plate. Ladle the curry on top of the noodles and serve.

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