Chaplu Pepper ชะพลู

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Known in Thai as ‘Chaplu’ this is another member of the Piper genus, and a relative of Black pepper พริกไทย and Long Pepper ดีปลี. It is a more delicate plant, yet vigorous that tend to crawl and spread fast, rather than climb like a vine.

Other names

  • Piper sarmentosum (Scientific)
  • lá lốt (in Vietnamese)
  • Betel leaves
  • Wild betel

Culinary use

The leaves are the part that is most commonly eaten, although the flowers and fruit are also edible. The leaves are elastic and not as succulent as the leaves of black pepper and are most commonly used as wrappers in ‘Miang’ เมี่ยง wrap dishes. The raw leaves have a distinct flavor and aroma with some (black) pepper notes. Other uses of the leaves are in salads and curry dishes that simply use the leaf as a vegetable.

The darker green are Chaplu leaves
The Vietnamese application

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