Mangosteen, the queen of fruits is the unquestionable star of this special salad. The ripe fruits are succulent with a perfectly balanced sweet and sour flavor and a slippery texture that entertains the mouth.

‘Yum Mangkut’ ยำมังคุด is a simple to prepare salad that creates a harmony of ingredients of unique qualities and bold flavors. At the center are the exceptionally tasty mangosteens that are dressed with light soy, lime juice and coconut sugar for a salty, sour and sweet flavor. Mint and makrut leaves add a fresh minty lemony aroma.

Often the mangosteens are sprinkled with dried shrimp, which I omit for a plant based version. Fried shallots are optional and give the salad some of the complexity lost with the exclusion of shrimp.

Ingredients and preparations

Mixing bowl:

  • Ripe peeled mangosteens


  • Light soy sauce
  • Lime juice
  • Coconut sugar

Aromatics and garnishes:

  • Roasted coconut flakes
  • Fried shallot
  • Mint leaves
  • Makrut leaf chiffonade
  • Thinly sliced ‘KeeNu’ chilies

1.Prepare the garnishes. Deep fry the shallot and set to cool on a paper towel. Dry roast coconut flakes. Thinly slice makrut leaves and chilies. Rinse and pluck mint leaves.

2.In a mixing bowl, mix the dressing ingredients until the sugar dissolves. It should taste salty, sour and mildly sweet to complement the naturally quite sweet mangosteens.

3.Peel the mangosteens and add them to the mixing bowl. roll them gently in the dressing. Transfer the mangosteens to a serving bowl, pour the dressing into the serving bowl and garnish with the coconut flakes, fried shallots, chili, makrut chiffonade and mint leaves.

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