Last week I was in NY and wanted to check out a place I haven’t been to before. A quick browsing resulted in a few options that seemed nice. Typically when I’m debating I’m switching to an intelligence gathering mode. Menu items, photos and reviews help me better gauge quality or authenticity from afar. I liked what I could sense about Ugly Baby, now I needed to actually try it. I took the subway to Brooklyn and got off at Carroll St (F,G lines) from there the restaurant is a brief walk.

Ugly Baby Brooklyn, NY

The cozy little restaurant was hectic and packed with diners in a good way. Atmosphere is vibrant. This is the perfect place for a night out with friends. Food is awesome. Come here to try some of Thailand’s great dishes that you would not find in 99% of restaurants in the US. Most dishes have meat but there are a few that they can make vegan. Flavors are sharp and vivid. The waitress started the conversation with the level of spiciness I like. When I told her “Chob ped” meaning ‘like spicy’ she’s immediately pointed out a few fiery dishes, which have proven to be really spicy and wonderful.

Food was really excellent and I will look for another opportunity to visit the restaurant. To me this is the #1 Thai in NYC at the moment. Another one I’m looking forward to try is Wayla.

Address: 407 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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